Lilac Treads

Lilac provides a rich color whose surface mica catches the sunlight for a dramatic sparkle.  It is similar in color to brownstone, but being less reddish-brown and more reddish-blue, it offers a rich finish to any building endeavor.

Blue-Green Treads

Blue-green provides a variation of color that looks differently according to the amount of sunlight available.  It is a versatile color that works well with a variety of building exteriors.

Blue Treads

The ever popular "blue" bluestone offers an even tone in a bluish gray hue.  The amount of blue observed is again related to lighting.  Stark sunlight will yield a paler blue to gray, but a slightly overcast day, or shaded steps will reveal a deeper blue color. 

Green Treads

Green provides a range of shades from pale green to medium brown.  Green blends well indoors, but especially in landscapes where the color is fade resistant for life.


Treads are the standard for steps when a clean, crisp look is desired.  Additionally used for mantles, hearths, and even sills (narrower widths), they provide a more formal look to both interior and exterior designs.

  • Standard size is 1-ft by 3-ft.
  • Custom size is 14", 16", 18", 20", 22" or 24" by 4-to-8-ft.
  • Sawn thickness is 1-inch ( 7/8" to 1⅛"), 1½-inch (13/8" to 15/8"), or 2-inch (17/8" to 21/8").

  • Natural thickness is 1-inch (¾" to 1¼"), 1½-inch (1¼" to 1¾"), or 2-inch (1¾" to 2¼" ).​