About G&N

G&N Enterprises, Inc. is a hands-on operation where the owners are on site daily overseeing production.  As a quarries and producers of Pennsylvania flagstone, the owners are knowledgeable in the stone trade and value their relationships with dealers.  G&N’s quality stone and stone edges mean dealers will not find the all-too-common broken corners in the middle of G&N pallets.

Standard pricing applies to standard sizes, while additional pricing applies to custom sizes.  Most stone products are priced by foot according to color and thickness, while some products are priced by pallet size.  Stone is most often sold by the load, but pallet sales are also available. Discounts can be negotiated for multiple load commitments.

   •   10-wheelers average 12 pallets per load.
   •   18-wheelers average 14 to 16 pallets per load.
   •   Pallet footage varies according to stone thickness and pallet stacking.

For standard and custom orders, contact G&N Enterprises, Inc. today.

G&N Enterprises, Inc.
State Route 848
New Milford, PA  18834

Phone:  (607) 237-6070
Fax:   (570) 756-3229

Email:  sales@gnflagstone.com