Variegated (Blue, Green, Brown, etc.)

Unique coloration reflects the slow running water impact during the formation process millions of years ago.  Variegated stone contains at least two of a full range of colors providing both impact and accent in any use.  Patterns can be subtle or dramatic, and as such, lend themselves to artistic designs.


Flagstone from northeastern Pennsylvania is a sedimentary rock that is cut or split in layers for use in construction and landscaping.  It is a hard, very durable stone.  Today, flagstone is used in patios, sidewalks, steps, floors, mantles, hearths, sills, fences, and walls.  Historically flagstone had a variety of other uses, including roofing.

Flagstone is typically sawn into desired sizes, and then torched to achieve a natural looking edge (technically called a thermal edge).

Sawn Edge (smooth)

Thermaled Edge  (textured)


Flagstone colors are a direct result of the formation process millions of years ago.  The term "bluestone" was coined due to the very bluish color of certain stone layers, but Pennsylvania Bluestone is quarried in a variety of colors.  G&N quarries all colors, but stock of specific colors and shades vary as the earth yields it.  Colors range from lilac to green to green-blue to blue to variegated with the specific mineral composition determining the final color.