Natural slabs are available on request.

Other Quarry Products

Other quarry products are available in limited quantities for special need construction projects.

Steps (also known as Stepping Stones)

Small to large, irregular, yet overall symmetrical, stones.


Stones more than 2 feet wide and 4 to 9 inches thick in varying lengths.

​California Tumble

Stones are solid in a mix of irregular and rectangular shapes.

     Thickness:  2" to 3½"
           Depth:  24" to 42"  (2' to 3.5')
          Length:  24" to 42"  (2' to 3.5')

Veneer Stock

Stones are solid in any shape.  Stones are loaded flat on pallets.

     Thickness:  2" to 8"
           Depth:  12" to 48"  (1' to 4')
          Length:  36" to 96"  (3' to 8')