Variegated Pattern

Variegated offers endless possibilities for custom looks and one-of-a-kind designs.

Blue Pattern

Blue is the staple of Pennsylvania flagstone.  Its uniform, sometimes grayish tone provides versatility in all construction efforts.

​Blue-Green Pattern

Blue-Green offers striking color contrasts across the stone's surface.  It blends well with a variety of exteriors and fits perfectly in any garden setting.
Pictures coming soon.


Pattern comes in a variety of sizes for paving patios, walkways, steps, and floors.  For most installations, the thickness of the stone is not observed.  The focus then is on the top surface that can range in sizes.

  • Standard size is 1-ft x 1-ft up to 2-ft x 3-ft.
  • Custom size is 2-ft x 3-ft up to 2-ft x 5-ft.
  • Sawn thickness is 1-inch (7/8" to 1⅛"), 1½-inch (13/8" to 15/8"), or 2-inch (17/8" to 21/8").

  • Natural thickness is 1-inch (¾" to 1¼"), 1½-inch (1¼" to 1¾"), or 2-inch (1¾" to 2¼" ).
  • Custom thicknesses available on request.

Lilac Pattern

Lilac sparkles in the sun, and is best appreciated where it will get natural light.  The color is uniform and well suited to formal locations, but works just as well in more casual settings.  It can be mixed with other flagstone colors for versatility and design creation.

Green Pattern

Green exudes more warmth and depth of color than other shades of flagstone.  It can appear a soft brown in the absence of light, but shades of olive green spring forth in direct sunlight.  It blends well with any color scheme.

(Dark areas are dampness from morning dew.)